Monday, September 5, 2011

My Candy Colored Nails!

Hey guys! So yesterday.... My nails got Easter-ified! I painted my nails with very happy colors.... & I wanted to share them with ya'll!!
The purple is Essie- Nice Is Nice. (2 coats)
The pink is Essie- French Affair. (2 coats)
& The glitter on my ring finger is OPI- Servin' Up Sparkle Over FA & NIN. (1 coat)

This is two coats of Nice Is Nice with Servin' Up Sparkle on my ring finger.

And this is two coats of French Affair with Servin' Up Sparkle on my ring finger :)

I love this manicure... It's so happy & fun & little-girly!

I hope ya'll enjoyed!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girly, Floral, Lacey Blouse! (Outfit of the Day)

Hey girlies! Today I wanted to show this super adorable blouse that I bought a few weeks back and have yet to wear. I tried it on today, and loved it! It is perfect- girly, floral, flowy, lacey.... Not really me at all, but it looks gorgeous on!! It's from JC Penney.. The brand is called Passport!

Anyways, here are some pictures of the cute outfit I wore today!

Yes, I have Disney channel on my TV! And by the way, my capri's are from Kohls or JC Penneys!!

These are some closer- up looks at my makeup and face... Don't you love my face! :D Haha!!

Love ya'll, Have a great day!
-Megan Renee

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's On My Makeup Wishlist?!?!

Hey everyone! So I know, I know... I'm terrible at staying consistent on my blog! Well, I'm trying! If you want to see me more often, Definitely go subscribe to my YouTube channel, TezMissaMeg :)On to the point of today's "article" (Heehee, this isn't a newspaper, Megan!) I'm showing ya'll what's on my makeup wishlist!!!!

First off-- We have MAC products. Most of ya'll know that I don't own any MAC... So I basically just want LOTS!

Next, I have the Hard Candy First Flush makeup kit, which is $8 and sold exclusively at Wal-Mart!!

Now, I have the Rimmel London moisture renew lipsticks.. I really want Coral Shimmer! These are sold at a variety of stores, at about $6. (I have a $2 off coupon! Woot!)

Continuing, I really want to try out the Milani baked blushes, which sell for $8!

Im also, kind of, SERIOUSLY wanting the Maybelline "Pink Freeze" lipstick.. I have no clue how much it costs, sorry! It's from the ColorSensations High Shine line!(maybe?)

Another want of mine is the Wet 'N Wild eyeshadow trios, which are only $3! Problem is, I can't find them anywhere...

I also want the NYC blushable creme sticks & the Hard Candy Fox in a Box blushes...

Hope you enjoyed reading & now you're inspired to spend your money on makeup you really don't need!

Love ya,
Megan Renee-gan(:

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th Of July Nails!

Happy 4th of July, Americans! (British friends... Happy 4th day of July!) Today is the day that we gained our independence from England.. But I'm sure ya'll all already knew that! Well, hopefully. :L

Today I painted my nails very patriotic, & I wanted to share with ya'll!

The colors I used are Orly- Monroe's Red, Pure Ice- Celestial, Pure Ice- Superstar!, and my topcoat was from Sally Hansen.

As you can see, I'm feeling VERY American! I think this manicure is so fun & patriotic.... You should paint your nails red, white, & blue too!

Peace, Love, & Nail Polish,

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Starting Fresh!

Hey everyone! So today, I'm starting fresh! I deleted all of my old posts, because I was a failure at blogging! Bessiechoo ( inspired me to re-start blogging.... I hadn't ever really gotten into it! YouTube is what I love most! So today is the offical RE- GRAND OPENING of this blog! YAAAAY! :D Lol.... I'm awesome.. Later today there will be a swatch-a-thon! Look out for that(: